Dataguard and AIX-Largepages Problem

Recently we experienced serious problems after a dataguard failover where AIX-Largepages were in place. 

Luckily the failover was successfully completed, but the former primary database will be stopped by Dataguard-Broker. Stopped means killed in this case, but not only killed - instead the broker kills the instance and starts it immediately.

Fast is in this case too fast!

After killing the instance, the AIX-Largepages are not all released by the operating system. This needs a couple of seconds (or maybe milliseconds). 

There is no pause between terminating and starting the instance. As result the AIX-Largepages are not all released. Then we had a situation where the database had foo few Largepages and only possible workaround was to reboot the LPAR.

Oracle-Support says that there is no chance to configure kind of delay between termination and start of the instance.


Anyone else with an idea or solution?

Perhaps we could fix this while writing a wrapper for sqlplus, but this will be never a good idea in production and will definitely cause some other troubles...



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