SLES - autoyast installation with OVM

Following Oracles Documentation SLES should be supported by Oracle VM, but i didnt found SLES as Option while installing a new virtual server. During our project of moving to Oracle-VM, we wanted to use autoyast-installation of SLES. Our approach was to keep it as simple as possible to create new virtual machines. Cloning with OVM was not a real option, our Linux-Guys tend to prefer new installations rather than cloning. In OVM-Guest Boot-Order-Menue - this is what you get and what you can configure. Everything is clear? Nothing is clear, even the official documentation has not made us very happy with OVM.Voila_Capture 2015-11-19_09-44-29_vormWe want to add some more details here, because our SLES-Installations are performed with autoyast. And here is how we solved it: In Network-Boot-Path, you can type what ever you want, we have to modify the vm.cfg-File manually. Here is a sample file: 

vif = ['mac=00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx,bridge=103ff836f1']
 OVM_simple_name = 'XXXXX'
 bootargs = ''
 uuid = '0004fb00-0006-0000-e2a0-b2a0266f7767'
 on_reboot = 'restart'
 cpu_weight = 27500
 memory = 8192
 cpu_cap = 0
 maxvcpus = 2
 OVM_high_availability = True
 OVM_os_type = 'Oracle Linux 7'
 OVM_domain_type = 'xen_pvm'

(some not important output removed here) In this file you can customize those 2 lines to install SLES with autoyast: 

bootargs='http://<server.domain>/<path_to_sles11sp4>/ install=http://<server.domain>/<path_to_sles11sp4>/' 
extra="install=http://<server.domain>/<path_to_sles11sp4>/ autoyast=http://<server.domain>/<path_to_sles11sp4/<autoyastfile.xml"

After modifying the vm.cfg directly, Start the VM - SuSE will come up magically! 
After successfull installation, it is required to stop the VM, to click something in
VM-Configuration and then saving the configuration. Please notice that every change in the
OVM-Webgui will delete the entrys from vm.cfg and will replace it with the default values.

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